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I bought a house that was well below what i make so i knew if anything happened I most likely would be okay financially until i found a new job. I could have went and bought some big huge fancy house that my whole check would go to, but instead i went to the home buying classes and did what they said was smart.

I don't understand how my mortgage is under 1000. a month and i get assistance from KYHC for one year but someone who went out and bought LAVIDA LOCA HOME WITH A mortgage of 3000. a month gets assistance for the same amount of time? THIS IS TOTAL BULLCRAP!

This program is SO NOT FAIR AND THE MONEY IS NOT GOING EQUALLY TO ASSIST PEOPLE. I did what i was suppose to and I'm not even getting close to half the assistance as what other people got so basically they are being rewarded for their stupidity and getting to stay in their big beautiful homes they can't afford while someone like me who tried to be smart with my money gets jacked! And yes, all the hoops i had to jump thru i thought cool this is going to totally help me to get on my feet when in reality one year of them paying my mortgage is nothing for me. I had really good service from the workers unlike some people here complaining, but it just really sucks when they say it is for people going thru a hardship but it can ONLY be unemployment.

I went from unemployment to SDI and now they are refusing to qualify me for their "additional" assistance of six months. It really is a joke. The idea was great but the execution of the program is just a complete, utter waste of tax dollars and it is so far from being equal and fair to everyone...i feel as though it is a bit discriminating...because basically if you are poor your house payment is going to be less than someone who loses their job which has a huge house payment so why should they get more for the same amount of time. Everyone should get the same amount of assistance.

If my mortgage is 700. a month then i should be getting 2500. assistance a month like the next person whose mortgage is getting paid that to go towards more months of assistance for me until i get a job.

Let's face it most people are having to wait over a year or more to find a job that they can actually make a living at and even getting out of the hole from losing a job can take over a year or more to get out of and catch up on all your bills. So why are they not paying everyone's mortgage the same!

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If cindy is your processor request a other processor. She will not help you!!!!!#


How about not only is it not fair that you get help with your $1K mortgage and they get help with their 3K mortgage... I get nothing.

I didn't think I could afford a house so I didn't buy one. If someone buys a house he or she can't afford to make payments on, *should* they be entitled to assistance? I pay over 2K for a studio apartment. My rent is more that what the mortgage would be (that's Los Angeles now).

If I can't pay my rent, there isn't a rent assistance program. I will probably not be able to afford to buy a home.

Yet I continue paying taxes that pay for the Keep your Home program to help down-on-their-luck people buy their houses. How do you think I feel?

to Anonymous #1305320

I totally agree with you...my point exactly EVERYONE should be getting the same or no one gets anything at all...even renters...so basically what this is saying is this program isn't to HELP people it is to help so the economy doesn't take a dump...it is to help the rich...because if a renter is homeless who cares but if a homeowner is homeless that means the bank went without getting paid...if they had curbed what they were giving to people that went crazy and bought homes like the one you are renting who really couldn't afford anything but their payment and food nothing saved for emergency...then that program could have been stretched to capacity and helped all people in a bit of a crunch even renters, but they went crazy helping people who lived way beyond their means and now they don't want to assist anyone...

it is just a messed up system...very very unfair and unequal...but who said life is fair right?


I have been trying to get help from them and I am on unemployment they still wont help. I have a unemployment bank account with bofa and my house is ready to sell next monday why wont they help me. it really sucks cause I have no family its just me my husband and my kids.

renee gainey


to Anonymous #1391521

i hope you get some help...just read this...that is terrible.


Dayum, someone is snotty, ungrateful, lazy and quite possibly fat, gross and pathetic.

Land of the free money is not enough for some.

to Anonymous #1305323

Not lazy, super skinny and hot and actually have a bit of money tucked away for a rainy day...my point is this money could go a lot further if everyone got an equal amount...they could even assist renters if someone with a crazy outrageous mortgage that owns three homes applies and gets help...really, wouldn't you want to see it go to help five families instead of one...so no i am not fat, no *** and not lazy...i just believe all handouts or help should be equal..there shouldn't be some "I am god" person deciding the fate of anyone's financial future...it should be these are the qualifications, this is what you get and everyone else that applies take it or leave it...none of this well, you rent or well, you are disabled or well, your house is already in foreclosure...all the same...for everyone.


It's amazing how entitled some people (you) can be. You got mortgage assistance but you want even more? Get of your *** and get a job, flip burgers, greet at Walmart instead of expecting others to pay your bills and then some.

to Anonymous #1059818

get off your fat *** and get a job. I have worked since I was 13 years old and I'm sure you can't say that.

I have paid more taxes than most people including you I'm positive so go F yourself the system is jacked up and it should be an equal system if a fat f*** like you gets 2000 then I should get 2000 the next person should get 2000. it shouldn't be because you were a f****** *** and went and bought something way out of your league like most of these Americans did they wanted to live the love vida loca life and got screwed when the times went bad. with or without this help I would have survived and kept my home because I was smart with my money if you are *** with your money and you even have a two-person income and still can't pay your f****** mortgage then no you shouldn't get help.but obviously the people against everyone getting an equal share of help are the people that probably have mortgages way out of their league and are pissed that they didn't get help. they're also the same people that are probably driving a big giant gas guzzling truck or Hummer or something that is way beyond what they make and are just working for their car payments and their house payments.

this country is supposed to be equal so if you're going to have a program it should be equal just like your taxes are equal.

So the *** who said about taxes well your taxes are equal everybody pays the same it's taken out by a percentage of what earned. I wouldn't complain if I got $50 but the next person should only get 50 as well that way it would just be helping unemployment it would be helping all people that are struggling but when one person is collecting so much it takes away from the funding

to Anonymous #1059936

Reading your pile of incoherent, grammatically horrible response, makes me understand why you have been out of work for over a year. You just don't want to work.

It is very suspicious when someone goes on unemployment and upon expiration of those benefits, ends up "disabled". Why weren't you disabled before unemployment ran out?

And try to understand that not everyone pays the same tax rate, so is you (or anyone else) make $20k or $30k, taxes paid are much different than someone making $80k or $100k, so some people paid into "the system" much more than you did...and they are getting more benefits.

I really like all these assumptions you throw in, need to leave your couch and get out there, there are plenty of jobs for people who want to work.

Expecting a handout should be an embarrassment, which I am sure you are to everyone that knows you. Enjoy the money.

to Anonymous #1059942

Hold on, did you just admit that you didn't need assistance because you would manage to keep your house without it?! What a character, you just took someone else's assistance (hust read how many people get denied) and you complain that you didn't get enough.

Wow. So you lied on your application.

to Anonymous #1305326

i have. thanks.. just remodeled my kitchen fat ***!


Your getting help! Stop being a crybaby!

Don't worry about what others have done.

to Anonymous #1040355

The comments must be from greedy people who bought homes they can't afford now. There is a huge difference between $700 a month and 2500 or 3000 a month.

It is supposed to be equal for all I have paid the same taxes as everyone else for all the years I worked that went into running this program. So why should someone else get more out of the program then I get. If you set up a program to help people than it should be equal for all not just to help the rich. So like I said $700 a month is nothing for a year now if they had paid $2,500 a month or 3000 a month that would have made a big difference and assisted me hugely just like it did these other people.

I think that that's why they qualified me so fast and put me through so quickly because they thought oh this one's easy and cheap we can assist this person with no problems. But if I had a mortgage like normal people in California that was over $1,500 a month then they probably would have scrutinize everything.

And *** yes I'm complaining it's not freaking fair so *** and your comments you're probably one of those that pigs that way out of your league and are struggling now. Why should your fat *** get more than me I worked hard my whole life I put in money to pay for that program why should you get more than I do?


Really? They paid your full mortgage for a month and you are complaining because you didn't get additional money on top of that?

Isn't the purpose of the program to help you avoid foreclosure?

That's like complaining because your tax return was less than someone else's. I would be happy for someone to pay my mortgage for a year!

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