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Had a phone interview was told I was approved on putting a lien on my property for 5 years and them paying my late mortgage I was behind. I was about four months behind.

I started sending in paperwork on time calling in making sure everything was turned in on time. Everything was good I was told I was gonna get qualify. But My house went into foreclosure I was 30 days in I kept talking to my processor she kept telling me she was gonna approve me. I kept calling in every 4 days checking in making sure if she needed any paperwork and even though she didn't I kept sending in paperwork that was important and she needed sometimes faxing it twice I spent a lot of money faxing in paperwork.

Money that we didn't have. Sometimes I wouldn't pay a bill to fax over some paperwork that Keep Your Home California needed. After talking to my processor back and forth in the 2 month when my house was in foreclosure about 40 Days In I called in again she wasn't answering my phone calls or my messages through fax. Everything just stopped I couldn't get in contact with my processor anymore.

I tried again and in November 18th 2017 I was told I was denied my case was closed 2 weeks ago which I couldn't understand because I kept calling and asking if they needed more paperwork I was told my case was closed for late paperwork, Paperwork which I was never requested and never had the time to send in. I was told if I wanted to try again I would have to reapply all over again. I was so sad my house was in 40 days in foreclosure now especially because I called in every 4 days and asking if more paperwork was needed and was told nothing was needed at this time that they were gonna approve me. I was also told that I made too little to qualify when I was denied.

which I should have been told in the beginning instead of me wasting my money on faxing and my time. I looked the program up on Facebook. I read a couple of comments when Keep Your Home California would say if they were denied they could have a manager renew the case I sent them a message they are responding immediately I was told my message was passed to a manager. I know it's not a guarantee but it's worth a try so right now I'm crossing my fingers and waiting that's all I can do is wait.

please people have a plan A, B, and C. I had my Prudential hardship as plan C. I had a modification loan through my mortgage as plan B And I had Keep Your Home California plan A. Keep Your Home California is not guarantee.

I received a home modification through my mortgage company which I wasn't too happy about but whatever it takes to keep my mortgage. I am currently in the three month trial.

But still hoping for Keep Your Home California to kick in and get approved to not make changes on my loan in my mortgage. Which it looks like it's not gonna happen.

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Best of luck. I lost my home to foreclosure and KYHC was a big joke.

Why don't they have a mobile app, free for struggling homeowners to send the mountains of docs required....I wasted several hundred dollars faxing them b.s. papers, too.They would request docs, I'd send them, they'd lose them 5 or 6 times, then when i would finally get thru to the processor whose first or second language wasnt English, she would ask why i sent in papers they didn't request....Uh, hello it said in the email verification to send document this or that....Such a waste of time and a beautiful home I lost.

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