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After reading many reviews I am so confused on how anyone can misconstrue such simple programs. You write a bad review because it did not go your way, which is sad because you then wayward others from trying to apply for the programs because of "your" short comings.

NONE of these programs are based on how much you personally make on income, it really is based on the equity of your home. Yes, they ask for all of your income information because if the house gets sold, refinanced or whatever the case may be, before the 5 years forgiven loan statute, when they come and ask you to pay whatever they could not get from the house sale, refinance etc, then they have a way to recover the funds without bankrupting you. So because they are making sure that, at the end of the day, when you have to pay back the debt that they make sure you can afford to, that makes them {{Redacted}}?? This is a business transaction at the end of the day.

If just anyone could come in and qualify then there would be no funds open for those who still need it. One review said that they did not qualify as a single mother on temp disability. Okay, let's look at that. There are factors; how much you are behind?

how much you owe? how much equity is in your home? how many times you have been in this situation? All of these are massive factors.

If your net to debt ratio is REALLY bad well they see that as other people being able to place a lien on the house to regain their losses, that is a negative. If you are on temp disability, will you be able to recover and go back to work and still make the same money? Have you refinanced the house to the hilt and there is really nothing left to secure in the funds they would be releasing? How ANYONE can not see the logic in any of this is really just a matter of being mad that you could not qualify.

We had applied for the Unemployment program, directly after we bought our first home my husband had lost his job. So we applied and we were approved. It took them 65 days, but during that time we were putting money into a trust that they had access to review and know that if we were not approved we had the money to get something done to the payments. Now, for some of the reviews here I saw people saying it took forever, they wanted more and more, they needed new this and new that.

Yes, that is correct, it takes anywhere from 45 days to 60 days. AND THEY TELL YOU THAT! What your job is at that point is to keep in contact with your mortgage company and KYHC, and sign up, setup or apply for any of the other programs that they may have in house, while KYHC is plucking away at securing their investment! Your mortgage company (and this is for the guy that said his son and his wife applied and they were going into their third month late) should have some sort of pay back plan, repayment plan.

It is not the only place that the mortgage companies go, HUD is a huge contributor as well, especially for the repayment plans! Sending in small amounts as much as you can, calling them every day. ALL the responsibility of you, as the applicant. They say JUMP and you say how high!

You are at their mercy and they need to cover their *** as well. It is NOT a free for all! The reinstatement program is the SAME EXACT process as all of these programs they offer, you have to have your stuff in order, keep everything you send to them in its own file. ANYTHING that changes you need to send it to them because they will get it and it will hold up the process!

Send them your bank statement EVERY SINGLE month that goes by, don't wait for them to ask, just send it because if a month passes and you have heard nothing, they WILL be asking for it. Make sure ANY cash deposits you put into your bank are documented and emailed to the ASAP! You are basically taking out a loan on your house, that these people are willing to forgive after 5 years, and no one should be complaining about how long it takes or that they got denied. IF you get denied, ask why and then find out what you need to do to qualify.

It is not a onetime shot, you can apply again, you may not have sent something to them that they could have factored in. And ALWAYS, ALWAYS (and I cannot stress this enough with everyone) have a secondary plan in the line, you CAN apply for any other options your mortgagor has to offer. They can process those programs as well while KYHC is going through your application. EVEN if the mortgage companies program comes through first and you start doing a repayment plan before KYHC send you a decision, pay it, each month and when you get accepted then they fund and you keep your home, if you get denied, then you are covered because you have the other program in place.

IF your mortgage company works with KYHC, then they also do the repayment plan, loan modifications etc through HUD. Don't put all your eggs in one basket and then write *** reviews because you were not on top of it enough to make sure they have what they need to be fair in their responses, or you just did not qualify. I know this is long, but I hope that some of the information I have put in here helps people when they come across the bad reviews.

When you first apply, you get every single thing they ask to them ASAP and each month that passes by you send them a new one each month until you get an answer. No matter what they will be asking for a new one as each month goes by.....

Product or Service Mentioned: Keep Your Home Unemployment Federal Assistance Program.

Reason of review: Good customer service.

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How is it that in this day and age of modern technology are we still faxing these places? They do that for a reason....So that they can lose paperwork, essentially denying you, and boom!

Why don't these assistance programs have Apps?

This would essentially cut the percentage of lost documents way down.Look at loan mods and other so-called programs; they all use old technology... FAXIt's a big scam for big banks and KYHC is in on it, too.


Well when you submit the same paperwork 4 times and they still say they didn’t get it, that’s some type of office issue on their side. When they ask for pay stubs from a year ago it’s a little excessive, they already have our tax returns.

When they ask for a letter from your employer but you explain you work for the state not an employer and they say it’s not in policy to submit letters to people. There’s nothing we can do and they didn’t advise up front that you would need these documents, so here you are two months in submitting paperwork every week and get denied over things that don’t even make since. Why do you need pay stubs from a year ago when you have my tax return???

A letter from my ex asking if child support is going to continue? Come on, no bank ask for such things.

to UnawareHowlerMonkey #1463426

How about when they asking for a letter of explanation from addresses where you were living ..18 years ago .. sounds kinda stupid..


Agreed. The only thing I don't like is that the Tform authorizes them to review tax returns for the last 4 years?

I think that's a little much up front. Yes, with some they may need to, but I don't have a warm and fuzzy about that request.


I agree with you completely. Had no problems with the UMA.

program, and was surprised to see all these complaints. But I guess those that run into problems are more likely to complain and share it on here.

to Satistified with KYHC so far #1463502

Fwy. Your one of the lucky ones..



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