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I ran into financial difficulty due to having cancer and enormous medical bills I had to choose between paying my house payment and buying food I heard about this program Keep Your Home California so I called up to apply they immediately said I would probably qualify for the principal reduction program. I asked them what this program was and they explained that they would pay portion of my mortgage off and then a lien would be put on my property for the amount they paid off.

And then after 30 years the balance would be forgiven. So in good faith I went through and gave them all my financial information and my dog's left ear literally everything I asked for everything under the Sun but I got everything to them. And I was approved. And then today I get the documents that you have to sign which is a promissory note and in there is a application to transfer my deed to Keep Your Home California.

And when I read through the legal document and the promissory note it literally tells me that I have to sign my deed over to them which means I no longer own my house they do for $40,000 my house is worth over $300,000. And that I cannot make any changes to my home and I will be in default if something happens to my house like let's say the air conditioner breaks and I don't have the money to fix it right away well then I would have reduce the value of my home and I will be in default of my promissory note and in that case then they can make the full amount due and payable on that date. I am just so upset I thought this program was meant to help me but literally they'll take over the ownership of my home and the only rights I will have is the rights of what a renter would have. But I would still owe my mortgage to the mortgage lender.

So it's more or less like I'm signing my house over to them for a tenth of what it's worth and yet I will have still be obligated to pay the mortgage.

The whole thing is ridiculous and the fact that they didn't explain this to me in the first place that they just kind of slipped it in there at the end of wanting me to sign this paper signing over my house to them I am mortified I could have done something to change my situation I could have sold my house and got out from under the financial nightmare I'm in but I stuck with the eight weeks that it's taken for them to get to this point and they lied to me so now I am completely screwed. Just know if you're going to get the principal reduction that you have to sign your deed over to them and you will no longer own your home Keep Your Home California will

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Why in the world did you give them all those stars?


My son and his wife applied last month and were turned down because he and his wife are not bringing in enough money to cover even the reduced mortgage. He's now two months behind on his mortgage and working on being three months behind.

Now they can't even sell their home because they are in default. How are they saying they help people when in fact they are not helping real people with real financial problems and are trying to save their home. One of his children has a disability, and now they are looking at being homeless. They have nowhere to go, and really needed this financial help!

I'm just shaking my head.

I see the commercials that show people not having a job and, as they claim, and were approved. I can't help him, I'm struggling myself and live in my fifth wheel travel trailer.

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