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Once the program changed to include being underwater as a qualifying factor, I applied for principal reduction once and got denied due to LTV being to high even after maximum $100K grant applied. Worked my butt off for a few months and made an additional $5,000 payment to lender to get into the KYHC Loan to Value sweet spot. Counselor said I took a big risk doing that but I really had no other option. I was approved the second go-around. I was... Read more

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I had a positive experience, i was approved to reinstate my loan and PRP. As the homeowner,you have to hustle and get them the docs they need asap. I applied in June and because i got a second job and couldn't get the 2 pay check stubs they needed,my file was closed but was told I could reapply. Once i had all my documents ready,i reapplied,faxed everything, i would get an email confirmation within hours. My processor was really nice and... Read more

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I am in the process of trying for the 4th time to qualify for one of the programs. I have been working with them for over 8 months and this is the 4th application submitted. As a person who is on disability, with a disabled adult child, I am very curious as to the underwriting aspects that have continued to boot me out of the program. I am in hopes that this final application that is being audited by their acceleration department, will... Read more

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After falling behind on my mortgage due to several issues I was informed about this program. I called and the first time they could'nt assist me, but the second time after I called I was informed I was eligible. I was very happy and was able to exhale although knew that I was still going to get the docs in that they were requesting. Ka Lo was the rep that was processing my paperwork. Nothing that I submitted was good enough for her. I was... Read more

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My two cents KYHC has got to be a survey to surgically target at risk homeowners to fleece them. My house is now being listed as late or failed to pay. I contacted KYHC and after several questions by Raul and Erica, was told that i didn't qualified because i wasn't making any money; i contacted them because i can't make my mortgage. They said they were sorry. They added that i could no longer afford my house. Here are the "programs" that KYHC... Read more

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I had my experience with this company five years ago. Did everything i was told to do. Got my paperwork turned in April 26, 2011, was turned down May 17... Still lost my home..they were no help to me at all.

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KYHC, could not help me keep my Home, because I had got a Attorney General Modification which I was enticed to get by Wells Fargo Bank. I think Wells Fargo Bank, set me up to lose my Home, they knew I was doing bad when I call them up for a modification, this was the only help they said I could get. Because at that time I was paying Interest Only on my Loan. The Attorney General Modification is a Rip-Off don't do it. I had too Short Sale my... Read more

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I did the process twice, wasted 4 months. First time, did exactly what they said. There were always more papers to send. Endless papers to send. Was told I needed to show a loss of income (divorce), but I filed individual taxes, so they couldn't see what my ex wife contributed. I had her, at the beginning of the process, fill out and sign the form that allowed them to pull our back taxes. I informed them of that, and THEN she checked my file,... Read more

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I had success with Keep You Home California, but I went through a non-profit fair housing program. I would have never gotten approved had I not had the Fair Housing counselor being the middle man for us. I found the Fair Housing Counselor on the Keep Your Home California web-site, as I could never get through on the phone to KYHC. Don't give up...I qualified for the unemployment program where KYHC will make my mortgage payment for up to 1 year... Read more

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I have called the person Gabby numerous times to see what is happening with my principle reduction application. She won't return any calls. Just NOT right. Wonder how Gabby would feel it she was treated the same? Now reading all the negative reviews, I'm not so hopefully it will be happy, helpful ending.  I have been declined once lready and now that I'm showing more income, I hope I can get some financial relief with the Prnciple... Read more

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