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I had success with Keep You Home California, but I went through a non-profit fair housing program. I would have never gotten approved had I not had the Fair Housing counselor being the middle man for us. I found the Fair Housing Counselor on the Keep Your Home California web-site, as I could never get through on the phone to KYHC. Don't give up...I qualified for the unemployment program where KYHC will make my mortgage payment for up to 1 year... Read more

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I have called the person Gabby numerous times to see what is happening with my principle reduction application. She won't return any calls. Just NOT right. Wonder how Gabby would feel it she was treated the same? Now reading all the negative reviews, I'm not so hopefully it will be happy, helpful ending.  I have been declined once lready and now that I'm showing more income, I hope I can get some financial relief with the Prnciple... Read more

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The Keep my home California unemployment program is a scam. They take three months to pay the back and they lie and claim that it is not their responsibility to make the loan current. So while they slowly review your application and pay the wrong amount for several months you're already. 3 months behind. They claim that they are not to bring you current.

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Just a waste of time after 3months and so much paperwork and stress just an *** answer we don't work with your bank this is another BS PROGRAM

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What a waste of time. Seriously, this is just another one of those companies KYHC who makes a living LIVING OFF THE GOVERMENT PROGRAM.. they should be investigated by the attorney general.

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I was 11 months behind on my mortgage because of missed work from a medical issue. They not only got me current but also reduced my principle! It was a very painless procedure. Just gave them the info they needed when they asked for it and it all went smooth. best experience ever. The lady that worked on my application was very polite and helpful. I never had a problem contacting her and she always returned my calls in a timely manner. I would... Read more

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I applied for mortgage reinstatement, which basically pays off the past due amount and so that the home owner can resume their regular monthly mortgage payment. I was out of work and was 5 months behind on my mortgage. I found a new job which would allow me to afford my mortgage payments easily, but just needed help with the past due amount which was about $5,000. They rejected my application because I couldn't prove that I had been let go from... Read more

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Completed two attempts at principal reduction assistance, first time they said we don't make enough $ even with the maximum assistance, then we did our taxes which showed them we more than made up for the difference in DTI ratios, then they came back and said we show too much $ for assistance, then when they finally declined us for the second time, they said even with maximum assistance we don't make enough $.....Just a complete waste of time... Read more

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This is the worst administered program, of any kind, that I have ever had the misfortune to deal with. I initially wasted 2 mos. because I was put in the wrong program; then I had to submit everything again to restart a new application process. Then I was requested to send updated info, which I did (63 pages worth) via Express Mail, one of the two methods they requested. Two weeks later I received a denial because I "didn't provide any of the... Read more

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KYHC: This agency appears to be a fraud, scam or just unwilling to help real borrowers in need. I initially qualified for the Principal Reduction program. Receiving KYHC assistance is vital and timely processing is vital for them to help people like myself. Timely processing is also vital because the banks work fast and borrowers are on their timeline as well. Most of the documents should have been asked for upfront, to avoid delaying the... Read more

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