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I wouldnt say these are snotty, self obsessed comments! These funds were set up to help people and if you look at how many they have helped and how much has been distributed in funds, its not very much. Granted the banks arent being very cooperative, but I have been trying for over a year, provided every single piece of document they have asked for and I was "conditionally approved". What a... Read more

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I lost my job the same day i called KYHCi was told what i needed i did. They were prompt showed compassion very perfessional. I woild recommend KYHC to anyone whos fell on hard time Gwen Add comment

I have been trying to get approval to participate in this program for over a year to no avail. When I go through a counseling session, they tell me that I need to meet certain requirements, and then when I meet those requirements, I call them back with the hopes of participating in the program again, and they turn around and give me another reason as to why I do not qualify. The representatives... Read more

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As others have said we qualified over the phone for mortgage reinstatement and after turning in all required documents they said we did not qualify because our mortgage payments were unaffordable. I thought this would be the reason maybe we would qualify for an interest reduction, but for whatever reasons did not. This was a waste of our time as well as false hope, another government scam. If our... Read more

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Typical government program, publicized as someone to help the underwater homeowner keep their home, but that's not so. The conditions on the program's limit eligibility, abut if you happen to fit their very narrow criteria, you can get a loan. A loan which, according to their website "is forgiven if the home is sold with no net proceeds to the homeowner." By definition, that would include a short... Read more

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We cannot believe the snotty and self-obsessed comments about a program that PAYS YOUR MORTGAGE FOR YOU UP TO A YEAR if you have lost your job, negotiates with stubborn mortgage companies on your behalf, pays down your principle. We would not be in our home if it wasn't for KYHC. Our problem was not KYHC but it was the resistance of our mortgage company who blocked us from getting help at first... Read more

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Terrible experience! I am a 100% disabled veteran trying to save my house after my 5 year old became ill I fell back on my payments. I tried to settle it with The mortgage company and pay it in installments until I was caught up but unfortunately the mortgage company wanted the entire amount at once and this Keep your home company said they would help. At first we were excited they were going to... Read more

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Keep your home sucks if your self employed and had some months that were not as good as other months and couldn't pay your mortgage and need help to catch up on your mortgage they don't help you at all and they keep asking for the same documents over and over don't even bother with them if your self employed or lost your job for couple of months they don't help you in catching up with your... Read more

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I am now 80 days into this process and after adding more documents at least on 10 different occasions, I am still waiting to find out if I am approved. I have called 25 plus times to make sure they have what they need. It is impossible to reach your processor and you will not get a return call. It seems to me that they are waiting/hoping I will get a new job, so they do not have to help me out.... Read more

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Went Thru the Primary Process, was told i Qualified. Tons Of Paper work over 6 weeks. To be Told I now Don't Qualify. Because i Make $2000 over The threshold. Now I have to start The Process all over again Looking for another solution. Sad Part is Thru The whole process with numerous phone conversation with them, I was being told, all looked good and should have no problem qualifying. If You ask... Read more

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